Staying Safe in the Workshop


COVID19 Policy




We have taken steps to make our workshop is as safe as possible and compliant with social distancing rules. Have a look at our policy below and if you have any questions, please email us at



Social Distancing:


No more than 6 people in the workshop at any one time. 1 Meter distancing is to be observed alongside mitigating measures, such as wearing masks and sanitising of hand and surface.



Hand sanitiser is provided and we actively encourage its use upon entering the workshop. We also have hand washing areas with paper towels to dry hands and we will be encouraging all visitors to the studio to regularly wash their hands. You are also welcome to bring your own sanitizer, soap or paper towels if you wish.


Face coverings are to be worn during classes and workshops, though can be removed if sitting at the workbench and at a two meter distance from any other person.


We offer gloves which you are able to use. Although, please be careful using gloves while working with flames or machines. Gloves won’t be enforced as they can be a hazard. You tutor will ask you to remove any PPE they deem to be dangerous while using equipment in the workshop.


Please bring your own aprons.

Working Practices:


We will take measures to allow for ventilation.


Each bench has been set up with its own hand tools (files, saw and bench peg) and its own soldering area with small hand torches. 


Shared tools and equipment such as the large blow torches, pickle pot, barrel polisher, pendant motor, drill, stakes and mandrels etc must be wiped after each use. We will have disinfectant wipes available near all shared recourses.


Please clean your workbench and tools at the end of your class. Disinfectant and wipes will be provided.



Coronavirus symptoms include a high temperature, new, continuous cough and loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.


Should you experience any symptoms of COVID19, please don’t attend class for two weeks and please inform us straight away so that we can take the relevant action.


We will offer you and alternative date to catch up if you need to miss class due to self-isolation. Please bear in mind that we are a small business and this loses us a space for another student to attend our class, so although we of course wouldn’t want you to come along with symptoms of Coronavirus, we can’t extend this policy to other reasons for missing class. We are doing everything we can to keep you safe and happy whilst keeping our business going.


We understand that coughs and sniffles are part of everyday life, so please don’t worry if you do happen to cough or sneeze during class, but if you are unsure about symptoms, be on the safe side and give class a miss – we will get you caught up!


Whilst we have taken measures to make the workshop as safe as possible, we can't guarantee that there will been risk, just as going to the shops, etc. and we appreciate that the virus has more risk to some than others. We have invested in extra tools and recourses to maintain the safest working environment possible but ultimately it is your choice if you want to book on to the classes. We all have different situations to consider.



Cancellation due to Lockdown Measures:


In the event of any further Lockdown restrictions, we will cancel classes and contact you with arrangements for rescheduling or refunds.

We have taken steps to make our workshop is as safe as possible and compliant with the governments Covid measures and social distancing rules. Have a look at our policy below before making any booking and if you have any questions, please email us at