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Jessica Noble

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Passion comes first

Fenella Watson

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

art and design became a profound passion  

Artisan jewellery designer, Jessica Noble, designs and makes her own distinctive style of vibrant jewellery collections, fusing a playful style with innovative design and artisan craft. Every piece created has been individually made and uses a range of traditional and contemporary techniques. Her signature design style brings these fine craft techniques together with bold colour, illuminating light and dramatic contours.  


Centring her creative practice around a fun and welcoming approach Jessica believes wholeheartedly that jewellery design should be enjoyed and wants to captivate and inspire people to share her passion for creativity and encourage people to talk, laugh and celebrate the joy in jewellery! 


Jessica graduated in 2013 with a first class degree in Jewellery & Silversmithing from the Cass School of Art in London. Since graduation she has been building her independent jewellery business where she designs, makes and exhibits her distinctive style of jewellery across the UK, works on private and public commissions as well as teaching regular Jewellery classes at the Barn, South Hill Park Arts Centre and Eastleigh College.


Jessica's creative space is open and welcoming and she is enjoying to getting to know the local community in Frensham and is inviting you to get involved with her regular open studio events, demonstrations, jewellery making days and classes.

Fenella's silverware focuses on the space and patterns created within the structures of each piece as much as the pieces themselves. In this way, her work is different because it is less interested in using large amounts of material as seen in more ‘traditional’ silverware, and more interested in the skeletal constructions and what they can reveal. Exploring these themes, Fenella's work seeks to develop functional pieces of Jewellery and Silverware suitable for use within the modern age and home. Combining a range of traditional Silversmithing skills and techniques, she creates hollow flat units that are then worked and formed into three-dimensional structures.

Growing up in Mexico City, surrounded by vibrant traditions and a highly creative culture, art and design became a profound passion very early on. Mexico is a testament to how some of the most creative work can be conceived from very little, proving that material and material value can be negligible yet the outcome beautiful and powerful. This is something that Fenella emulates within her work and career as a silversmith.

Fenella graduated in 2013 with a First Class Honours degree in Metalwork & Jewellery from Sheffield Institute of Arts. The course is the oldest metalworking course in the country, tracing its history back to 1843. Fenella moved from Sheffield in 2016 and took on an Artist in Residence role at South Hill Park Arts Centre, near Bracknell, where she has been the Silversmithing tutor for the past 3 years.

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